Guilty: Beyond Reasonable Doubt

I am gulity

I must say…
I have no right to plead my case
Let the judgement be rendered
Let me suffer
Let me bleed
Let me cry in pain
for I am

beyond reasonable doubt

I have to detest myself
I have to become a murderer
I have to rip it off its life
I have to force it to its last breath

I willfully killed
I intentionally murdered
I blissfully laughed as it pleaded for its life
I showed no mercy
I showed no love
I showed nothing
but a smile


2 thoughts on “Guilty: Beyond Reasonable Doubt

    • Thanks!

      My apologies for responding only now. I am not yet too familiar with all of the features of wordpress. When I become more comfortable with it then I would be responding quicker. I hope you will follow the blog. I intend it to become a free e-novel with a twist because contributions from readers could be used and inserted to further create an interesting plot. I will be happy if you could suggest a character, a scene, an ending, or anything that would make it more interesting. Thanks!

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