The Villagers

The Political Philosophy Behind the Existence of a Village

“Aristotle lays the foundations for his political theory in Politicsbook I by arguing that the city-state and political rule are “natural.”The argument begins with a schematic, quasi-historical account of the development of the city-state out of simpler communities. First, individual human beings combined in pairs because they could not exist apart. The male and female joined in order to reproduce, and the master and slave came together for self-preservation. The natural master used his intellect to rule, and the natural slave employed his body to labor. Second, the household arose naturally from these primitive communities in order to serve everyday needs. Third, when several households combined for further needs a village emerged also according to nature. Finally, “the complete community, formed from several villages, is a city-state, which at once attains the limit of self-sufficiency, roughly speaking. It comes to be for the sake of life, and exists for the sake of the good life” (I.2.1252b27–30). “


Enma asked me to accompany her to go to the village. i believe we need to purchase supplies. I guess living with a stranger caused her to use her resources quite quickly. i am not complaining, but without a sufficient source of protein i believe our muscles will soon grow frail. Our daily diet has been vegetables and rootcrops. i miss the taste of eggs and although i could barely understand what she wishes to convey during our breakfast and lunch sessions, i could sense she was trying to explain to me the culture of the village, Dimlun.

She has repeated the term often, and i grasp that is the name of the village.

i was happy to learn i could go and see the village. i believe she intended to let me see it after she has finished sewing the blue linen she gave me a early in the morning. i think she wanted me to look as an ordinary villager. i smiled with the gift she has offered. i wore it to her delight. She was teary eyed as i came out of the room. She held my hand and kissed my cheek. She whispered, “Yalda, sheli”.

The road to the village was a tough one. If not for the leather lace-up moccasin she gave me my feet would have suffered blisters. She looked old, but she was very much strong. It seems to me that it is only her skin that has left her youth, but her strength is that of a young woman. She walked too fast for me to follow. i have to shout back at her to inform her that i am losing breath. She quickly understood my message and walked slowly.

The village was busy with merchants selling variety of items. i was thrilled to see several ornaments on a store, while she traded the glass of goat milk we carried for exchange. I was enthralled by a beautiful green gem, a peridot. i was about to try it on when someone started cursing at me.

She was a middle-aged woman dressed in black. She was mumbling words i could not comprehend. The villagers started to murmur and started to stare at me with fear. i looked for Enma but she was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, a few men started to come from nowhere with spears on their hands. Am i to be attacked? What have i done?

i saw an arrow strike towards my direction. i was in shock and thought it was my end. i closed my eyes and i saw him catching the arrow with his bare hand. He grabbed hold of my hand and we started to run.


The Peridot Myths:

  1. It is a precious gem for Eygptians and believed to cure variety of diseases of the heart. It has been related to the goddess Isis.
  2. Hawaiians believed it is the tears of the goddess Pele
  3. It is believe to calm anger and attract love.
  4. It has a soothing effect on the nervous system and dispels negative emotions.