Chapter 1: On Sandy Shores

“They said I was washed¬†to the shore. I can’t remember anything. I don’t know my name. I am unaware of my past or of my future. I don’t even know if I should be happy I am alive. It is frightening to discover you are in a strange place with no memory of the past or knowledge of the future. It frightens me.¬†“

* * *

It was a stormy evening. The waves were terribly wild. Everyone in the village sought refuge inside their homes. The whirling of the wind can be heard from the inside. Each one held their beloved family members by the hand as they prayed to their gods in mercy. This could be the end of the island. It could be washed-out from the map of the world permanently. It has happened in the past and it could very much happen once again.

Lightning struck one of the huts.

There was a momentary silence, followed by a wail of despair.

Death has arrived at the island.

It came uninvited.

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