The Stare of Death


“MONTHS of emotional and physical abuse, combined with the suspicion of infidelity and the inability to reconcile his marriage with his wife of eight months, drove Vishwanath Sharma into a state of temporary insanity, resulting in him chopping her to death. . . read more¬†for details”


I was staring at her lifeless body lying on the beach. I was certain she was dead. This is not the first time that I saw a dead body on the shore. Things like this are usual in this place, especially after a storm. I would have easily moved away, but there was something about her that left me immovable from my place. Is it the amusement of seeing her black hair slightly cover her face, which wanted me to look closer to see how she looked? Is it the fact that this time it was a woman on the shore and not a fisherman or a merchant?

I was instructing my feet to step forward, but there is something strange with her presence that prevented it from moving. A few minutes more, I saw her fingers make a slight movement. She is alive! I hurried to see if I can do anything to help her. I wonder how I managed to finally move my feet, but I guess the urgency to see her alive made it happen. I found myself holding her in my arms and for the first time I have held a woman close to my heart.

I expected her body to be cold, but it was warm. It was too warm I believe she was suffering from a fever. I was about to carry her when she opened her eyes. She stared directly at me and as she did a throbbing pain in my heart caused me to choke. I was grasping for air. I dropped her and she lost consciousness.Eyes of Danger

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